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Here at Top End Homes we specialize in customs homes.  We are home builders with a solid reputation and we can make your dream home become a reality.  Based in the Fraser Valley and serving British Columbia since 1979, our custom homes will enhance any property, from an urban city lot to a private island.  Our design team ensures that we create a home, addition or renovation to suite your taste, needs, and lifestyle.

For those looking to bring a little bit of mother-nature indoors will love how our beautiful timber frame will create a dramatic focal point in any room and add warmth and character to any new building project.

Dean Hodgson is the owner and founder of Top End Homes.  He has been in the construction business for 30 plus years and learned his trade from the ground up.  "Construction is largely a series of sequential steps.  For the successful completion of a project each step must be completed in a timely manner and it is my job to ensure that the right people are there and ready when we need them, that permits are in place, that hiccups are dealt with immediately, and that the client understands each step of the process.  My job is to ensure that there are no delays in the project and that the construction process moves along smoothly and efficiently."

Over the years Dean has been on many construction sites and has seen many building styles.  "My biggest lesson that I have learnt by watching other builders, is that there are no shortcuts on material or labour.  The cost to fix problems created by the use ofsubstandard materials or incorrect application can be substantial and affects the entire project.  Once I have great people on my team I keep returning to them because, using the right materials and hiring the right expertise means a better finished project.  This means a home that is more valuable in the end."




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